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Complete Print of Roots three panel Album Cover

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         ROOTS, An American Television Classic based upon the phenomenal book by Alex Haley. When the history making Miniseries first aired in 1977, it was watched by an amazing 130 million people (US Population then was about 250 million). When it aired and for over twenty years, it was the most watched TV Event in history. The powerful painting by award-winning artist David Wesley Jarvis is the original art for the official Soundtrack Album Cover. The painting depicts the entire scope of the saga featuring all of the lead characters from Kunta Kinte to Chicken George and Fiddler in the artist’s unique montage style of art. It also includes a portrait of Alex Haley and his African relatives.
         From 30 Years in Pictures, Time/Life Books: A Staggering 130 million viewers tuned in to the TV Miniseries, ROOTS, Alex Haley’s story of his family’s passage from Africa to Freedom. The National Urban League’s Vernon Jordan called the series “The single most spectacular educational experience in race relations in America”.
        The intricate detail and subtlety of this masterpiece of Art is exquisite and illuminates the grand sweep of the vibrant and complex American Classic ROOTS, one of the most moving and significant stories of our time.
        USA Channel, in 25 annual rebroadcasts, referred to the Miniseries and spectacular story as “The biggest event in the history of television”.

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The Roots saga first aired on television in 1977. Nearly half the US population tuned in to watch the Mini-Series. It instantly became a historical and memorable moment in television history. It currently still holds the 3rd place for all time highest ratings. There are a number of aspects of Roots that has made it such a popular television Mini-Series. The artwork is one of them.

David Wesley Jarvis created the moving artwork that has been featured on the Roots album cover. The intricate details included throughout the Roots soundtrack art, highlight the saga’s main characters and touching stories. This artwork is a part of history as well. The album cover is a true piece of art that tells the complete series on its own. Purchasing this artwork not only allows you to own art from an award winning artist, but it allows you to own a part of American television history.


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